Training and Session Prices

The club hires the full use of King George V athletic Track & Field for club use every Monday and Wednesday for 2 hours between 6pm and 8pm

During the summer season April to September each coaching group will provide at least 1 hour of core activities for that particular coaching group. The next hours training, athletes will be able to join alternative non core training groups. These activities will change each week but will normally cover more developmental events such as hurdles, Long jump, and Throwing events.

During the winter season October to March training sessions will continue to use the track, but will also have regular monthly strength based training sessions on Cleethorpes Beach and Promenade. Winter sessions will be Core group sessions only and will be more intensive reducing the training time for each group to between 1hr and 1hr30 per session.

Membership Costs

Membership £ Notes
Individual Athlete any age £15 Includes training membership and voting rights
Social £5 For Coaches, Officials, Parents and Supporters. Provides Voting rights

Training Session Prices

Group Session Notes
Single Night Training fee £3 Provides full training with coaches. Core session lasting at least 1hr and secondary activities to provide 2 full hours of training
Monthly Pass £20 Pass covers all Monday and Wednesday training nights in the given month

Membership Payments- England Athletics

Membership covers from 01st April to 31st March. Membership renewals must be paid by 30th April.

New members are expected to pay their membership in full 1 month after their free taster sessions have expired.

Our Athletics club is run by volunteers and the fees charged are predominantly used to fund the venues we use. It also supports the costs of new equipment and coaching qualifications and pays the athletic league fees. Compared to other hobbies, athletics is a very affordable sport in which to participate.

In addition to the membership fee all athletes 11 years old and older are required to become members of England Athletics National Sporting body. This membership costs £16 per year and can be purchased through the club store in the membership area. For further details on why becoming a member of England athletics is required please see here on the England athletics web site. Athletes are not able to complete at events until their England Athletes Membership is in place


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